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Innovation and development – from the perspective of social partners

The aim of this working area is to help local social partners strengthen manager and staff readiness for the state of constant change, and develop their ability to lead and act during such circumstances.

The increasing pace of development in central government puts high demands on managers and staff. The task in this context is to develop support materials that inspire the local social partners as they create a culture of change and development using continuous improvement methods that will help achieve the organisation’s operational objectives.

The support will focus on the continuous development that rests in the hands of the mangers and staff concerned.

The mission includes:

  • Shedding light on good examples of ongoing change processes, including the circumstances and factors that have helped achieve success. The importance of a well-functioning dialogue at all levels will be focused on.
  • Presenting knowledge and attitudes that are important for managers and staff working through processes of change and development.
  • Illustrating how strategic competence planning and staff development are prerequisites for successful change and development.
  • Highlighting other preconditions that are important for successful continual work with change and development.
    The knowledge, experiences and conclusions of the work done shall be systematically documented and summarised in order to be of use for local social partners.

Published: 2015-04-15

Partsrådet stöder partsgemensamt förändrings- och förnyelsearbete på statliga arbetsplatser.