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The social partners – providers to the system

In Sweden, government employee wages were once set by the political system. Pay scales and pay grades were closely connected to complex ranking systems of all government positions at this time.

Change was necessary

The Minister of the Interior had informal meetings with the unions, but in practice, government employee wages were unilaterally decided by the ministry in charge.

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The role of social partners

By tradition, the social partners in the Swedish labour market are relatively pragmatic and cooperate fairly well. The problems with the former arrangement for negotiations were well recognised by both the unions and the employers.

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The scope for social dialogue

The Employment (Co-Determination in the Workplace) Act gives social partners across the Swedish labour market the right to negotiate and conclude agreements on wages and other working conditions.

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Partsrådet stöder partsgemensamt förändrings- och förnyelsearbete på statliga arbetsplatser.