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Working areas

The Social Partners’ Council focuses on supporting the local social partners within certain working areas. These are established by the national social partners in a collective agreement.

From 2017 the following four working areas have been established:

Support for cooperation at the local level

Today, there is an increasingly focus on the individual worker’s role in operational performance and improvement within an organisation. Dialogue with the nearest manager is extremely important because decisions shall be taken at “the right level, on the right matters”.

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Sustainable worklife

To create a better working day every day, it is the purpose of the new working work area Sustainable working life.Through innovative thinking, simple and confidence-building services, the goal is to create healthy and committed work in the central government sector.

Support for wage formation at the local level

Part of the purpose of this working area is to help local social partners carry out the intentions framed in the national wages agreements. The other purpose is to identify the challenges local partners face in their wage formation process. The support includes information, education and direct advice before, during and after the local wage formation process.

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Work environment from the perspective of social partners

In 2016, the social partners agreed to focus within the existing working area on preventing illness and promote health to have a positive impact on sick leave figures.

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Innovation and development from the perspective of social partners

The aim of this working area is to support local social partners in their work with innovation and to increase knowledge about what it means to be an innovative and developing organisation within the mission of the agency. Focus is on innovation in addition to traditional everyday business development.

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