The Social Partners’ Council

About us

The Social Partners' Council is a non-profit organisation funded by state agencies in cooperation with unions. Our mission is to support social partners in the workplaces for the Swedish government sector. Our founding members have prioritized specific issues that we address within the Social Partners’ Council. The specific areas are decided when the collective bargaining agreement is finalised. We offer support to all 250 agencies and organisations in the government sector.

As a joint venture between the funding partners, our organisation is unique to the Swedish labour market model of employer-employee relations. This model is based on central and local collective agreements. Our founding members are the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and the union organisations in the government sector; the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Public Employees’ Negotiation Council and Seko. Together, they represent the 250 agencies and 270 000 employees in the sector.

We were established in 1995 as the Development Council and became the Social Partners’ Council in 2008. For the past 25 years we have focused on key issues facing the government sector. Today, we offer services, digital tools and e-learning courses, knowledge and inspiration to the local partners at the workplaces.  This support is aimed to strengthen the response to challenges and opportunities that characterise the present and future of sustainable working life in the governmental sector. Above all, we aspire to be a platform for collaboration and development. The objective is to add value to the governmental agencies to generate better outcomes and increase the capacity to face the need for change driven by societal developments.

Change is the only constant factor in a rapidly changing world, where the issues shift, and the solutions evolve. Our platform for cooperation and support continues to evolve with them.

Welcome to the Social Partners’ Council.

Courses in English

To access our courses in English, follow the links below:
Conflict Management
Robust cultures of collaboration


Social Partners Council: Our non-profit organisation name

State agencies employers, or the abbreviation SAGE (Arbetsgivarverket in Swedish): There are 250 government agencies represented by SAGE