The Social Partners’ Council


onsdag 10 oktober 2018

The Social Partners’ Council is led by a joint board of six representatives; SAGE appoints three members and each of the three national unions appoint one.

The board is in charge of strategic issues with a focus on overall analysis, the establishment of working areas, targets and alignment questions, and the follow-up and evaluation of the council’s activities. According to the statutes, consensus is needed from the social partners for all council decisions.

The board of the Social Partners’ Council appoints a joint steering group for each working area. Operating staff is usually hired as consultants or seconded from the social partners.

There is also a national assembly (Representantskapet) of 30 members, half of them from the employer side and half representing the unions, that provides general direction to the board. The assembly also approves the annual financial report, serves as forum for sharing council information, and is an arena for dialogue and operational intelligence.