The Social Partners’ Council


Den 5 mars genomgår Partsrådets webbplats en större uppdatering och är därför inte tillgänglig mellan 7.00 och 10.00 på morgonen.

Support for cooperation at the local level

den 10 oktober 2018

Today, there is an increasingly focus on the individual worker’s role in operational performance and improvement within an organisation. Dialogue with the nearest manager is extremely important because decisions shall be taken at “the right level, on the right matters”.

The social partners’ more formal role and the daily manager-staff dialogue at the workplace are complementary. The purpose of this working area is to develop and stimulate local cooperation in line with the intentions of the national agreement, Cooperation for the Future, concluded in May 2016. Target groups are local social partners representatives at the central government agencies.

The mission includes:

The mission in Swedish