The Social Partners’ Council


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Support for wage formation at the local level

den 10 oktober 2018

Part of the purpose of this working area is to help local social partners carry out the intentions framed in the national wages agreements. The other purpose is to identify the challenges local partners face in their wage formation process. The support includes information, education and direct advice before, during and after the local wage formation process.

Two decades ago, central government employee wages were set according to staff’s formal degree and time in service. Today, individual and differentiated wages are set based on the results achieved by the individual employee. The national framework wages agreements give the local social partners the opportunity to set wages based on operational prerequisites and employees’ contribution to success. The intention is to create a wage formation process that stimulates engagement and development.

The mission includes:

Some of the activities are common to all of the social partners, while some are carried out by the employer and one of the three national unions according to differing agreements.

The mission in Swedish