The Social Partners’ Council

Sustainable working life

onsdag 10 oktober 2018

To create a better working day every day, it is the purpose of the new working work area Sustainable working life. Through innovative thinking, simple and confidence-building services, the goal is to create healthy and committed work in the central government sector.

There are many factors that affect the development of modern working life and, with this as a starting point the Social Partners’ Council has initiated, the new working area Sustainable working life. The working area should create the conditions for a well-functioning working life and counteract ill health. This will be done by the Social Partners’ Council offering local parties relief, prevention, promotion and development efforts at the authorities.

The goal is to contribute to both healthy and committed workplaces through a wide range of reactive and proactive services. The services have different approaches.

  • Remedial efforts for return to work – Concrete efforts for effective return to work after sick leave
  • Preventive action against illness – Proactive efforts to prevent and deal with problems
  • Promoting efforts to create commitment – Stimulating efforts that contribute to an active and well-functioning organization, for example through working solidarity and job satisfaction
  • Developing efforts for learning and career – Focused efforts to enable continuous development at the workplace.

Development of the working area and its services is ongoing and will be launched in autumn 2018. The Creation of services has been done in Close cooperation with local social partners. Five services for Earily earnings are now available.

  1. Why should sustainable working life be high on the agenda?
    The Social Partners’ Council visits the agency in an interactive workshop to answer the question of the benefits of working with sustainable working life.
  2. What specific challenges are most important to prioritize in our organization and how can they be addressed?
    The new working area offers a mapping that clarifies organization-specific needs, updates issues of sustainable working life and provides a basis for effective action.
  3. How can we be better at systematically following up and preventing work environment injuries?
    AFA Insurance offers access to the IA (Information on Work Environment) system, a web-based tool that provides increased control over work environment injuries and supports continuous improvement.
  4. How can we be better at preventing illness and managing early signs of stress? The Social Partners’ Council visits the authority during an interactive half-day to improve the ability to identify and handle early signs of stress.
  5. How do we strengthen engagement and build effective teams?
    With the help of a competence center that promotes team development based on Susan Wheelan’s proven theory, collaboration, exchange of experience and networking for certified team coaches is provided.

Time limit for the current mission is 31 December 2022.

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