The Social Partners’ Council

The Central Government Social Partners Council

Already in 1995, an organisation called the Development Council was established jointly by the social partners in central government. It was steered by a board appointed by the social partners and its core mission was to support joint projects at the agency level according to applications put forth by local social partners. Many of these projects were successfully completed, reported and evaluated. Additionally, some projects in the fields of gender equality, transparency, ethics, diversity and master educational programmes were carried out by the council itself.

By an agreement in 2008, the national social partners changed the organisation’s mission and name. Since then, it has been called the Central Government Social Partners’ Council or, in short, the Social Partners’ Council (Rådet för partsgemensamt stöd inom det statliga avtalsområdet or Partsrådet) and its mission is to provide support to the local social partners’ implementation of core aspects of the collective agreements reached by the national social partners.